JYP runs across the Parish centre on a Tuesday Night. There is always a sport or wide game, these range from bench ball or football to ‘capture the flag’ and ‘ninja’. We also have a Rhythm (a thought provoking topic or a discussion around a subject relevant to the lives of the young people) each week, this is either lead by a youth worker or occasionally by a youth person.


The youth club is based in an amazing facility, which, has a sports hall, a dedicated youth room complete with x-box, pool table and comfortable sofas to chill out on. There is no pressure to take part in any of part of the session. Jericho has a great team of professionally trained and experience staff, which are happy to help or chat about anything that is important to you.


Check out the leaders on the personal area of the website.

They are


AJ Fewtrell

Liz Davies

Jenny Coffin

Marcus Hanna

Daniel Brooks