Sparklers meets every Sunday except for third Sunday which is family service. The team is David Mayne and Sharron Shepherd. The age range we cover is 3 and half to 6. We use the Scripture Union children’s  material. We have a biblical theme each week and some themes run for several weeks, they can be old testament, new testament, life and teachings of Jesus or focusing on a major figure in the bible etc. We start off with a run around to music and then sing some children’s Christian songs (mostly with actions). We then have various short activities which explain whatever we are focusing on that week ( for example when we were looking at Abram’s journeys we made tents from sheets and blankets and chairs and took them down and moved them to another part of the room to find out what it would be like going on long journey’s with tents). The activities lead up to a theme based story and then a craft so they can take something home. Each activity lasts between 5 – 10 minutes to ensure the children are kept interested. Sparklers is a lovely group and we love to share with them how much Jesus loves and cares for them. It is wonderful to see how much children understand and remember so we know we are helping to build along with the parents a solid biblical Christian foundation.